Track Mounts

25 November 2016

Reach heights between 13.00m - 23.00m

Track Mounted Machine Hire

Reach heights between 13.00m - 23.00m

Renowned for their extreme capabilities, the tracked machine offers impressive outreach with working heights in excess of 23m. They exert low surface load with all terrain capability, perfect for working on uneven ground and delicate floors.

The tracked chassis spreads the load of the machine across a larger area than with wheels, thus reducing ground bearing pressure.

This reduced surface pressure enables the machines to drive over delicate, suspended or raised floors as well as soft ground, particularly important with Architects and Facilities Managers, because modern architecture and floor designs dictate that typical floor loadings must not exceed 5kN/m2. Our specially selected machines are designed to exert loads below this.

Their ability to climb stairs, work on steep inclines, access narrow areas, work indoors and provide a stable work platform at height has secured their growing popularity.

Benefits of a Track Mount:

  • Light and gentle with non-marking tracks, perfect for use in various indoor applications
  • Extreme and robust outdoor capabilities ideally suited for glass and facade cleaning, roofing and building maintenance as well as forestry operation and tree care
  • Choose from a range of electric and diesel track mounted machines from a range of models including CTE Traccess, Teupen and Hinowa.

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