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AFI-Uplift Limited

One of the UK's leading Powered Access hire companies

We are an established Powered Access supplier with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry. Our modern national mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) fleet of over 4,500 machines is available to provide solutions for your working at height needs.

We offer a safe, modern and cost-effective way of working at height, matching first class service and delivery. Our UK wide powered access fleet is young (average age under 5 years) and very well maintained, which helps avoid delays to your job. Our national powered access fleet includes push around verticals (PAVs), mast liftscissor lifts, boom lifts (articulating boomsstick booms), truck & track mounts as well as telehandlers. Our versatile Powered Access fleet, with working heights from 3.60m to 57m, makes the most awkward jobs simple when you put your trust in us.

Our experienced team will take your order and discuss options such as covering the potential risk of machine damage, training and the supply of safety equipment. For more help see our MEWP hire check list. Should you be in the slightest doubt as to which MEWP you require, our e team are available to advise on selecting the best access platform for your specific need, and help you with recommendations to ensure that you are conforming to the most recent “Work At Height” legislation.

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Scissor Lifts

Reach heights between 7.80m - 33.70m

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Articulating Booms

Reach heights between 10.00m - 43.15m

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Stick Booms

Reach heights between 15.45m - 47.70m

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Reach heights between 20.0m - 47.7m

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Reach heights 3.60m - 5.10m

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Mast Lifts

Reach heights between 4.20m - 10.00m

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Lift heights between 4.03m – 16.7m

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Truck Mounts

Reach heights between 20.00m - 57.00m

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Track Mounts

Reach heights between 13.00m - 23.00m

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