Updates for web-based system

19 September 2016

Safety Cloud, the popular web-based health and safety management system from Southalls, has been modernised and updated.

Developed by experienced health and safety professionals, Safety Cloud is customisable to the specific needs of individual clients and provides complete and instant visibility of current compliance. The addition of the ‘Safety Observations Module’ allows staff to raise any safety concerns or comments that they have with their manager. Once the comment has been entered the manager will be alerted, allowing them to oversee and investigate the issue if needed. This helps reinforce safe behaviour and assists managers in identifying safe practices, whilst highlighting where retraining is necessary.

Ease of use is a high priority, which is why Safety Cloud now offers an integrated assistance feature. Users can easily search for help on how to use different elements of the software, for example, how to add more equipment items to the system, providing a useful time-saving tool.

The final addition to Safety Cloud comes in the form of ‘notes on employees’, which allows managers to log informal notes on a staff member’s record. This function can only be seen by managers and is useful in certain instances where there is an issue with an employee that needs to be monitored.