DVLA licence module

06 April 2016

Management of employees’ driving records is now simpler and easier, thanks to the introduction of a new DVLA licence module within Southalls’ online health and safety system, Safety Cloud.

Developed in conjunction with one of the DVLA’s official partners following the changes to UK licencing introduced in 2015, the module grants employers three years of instant access to driving records at any point in time.

The scrapping of the UK driver licence paper counterpart in favour of the new MyLicence online system presented employers with a number of challenges, as access to drivers details, including endorsements and suitability to drive different vehicles, was dependent on employees generating a special online code, valid for use for just 21 days.

The DVLA licence module simplifies this process, providing unlimited access to the Driver DVLA ‘LIVE’ database for three years, subject to employees completing a D796 Driver Mandate Consent Form.

Southalls is one of the fastest growing providers of cloud-based health and safety management, with over 550 businesses and 50,000 employees using its Safety Cloud system.

John Southall said: “The DVLA module allows health and safety managers to carry out another important task via Safety Cloud. As with all modules in the system, it has been designed to reduce the administrative burden on employers and staff, and crucially, it will help to make driving records more accessible and transparent."