Safety on the go

06 February 2017

This year, health and safety consultancy Southalls is urging business owners to take a proactive approach to their health and safety management with the use of an app ready, cloud-based system such as Safety Cloud.

Developed by experienced health and safety professionals, Safety Cloud allows companies to manage a full and detailed health and safety audit trail, covering risk assessments, accident reporting, health surveillance, staff training and transport management. 

Suitable for companies with multiple sites, the Safety Cloud app also enables users to record internal audits, equipment checks, maintenance certificates and other key data while out on site at any time of day, via laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

John Southall, director and co-founder, said: “For many employers still using traditional paper-based health and safety management systems, the move to the cloud can seem a little daunting, especially for multi-site business owners. Many organisations continue to use six or seven different systems, often combining paper-based management with software tools for managing selected elements of health and safety, like accident reporting or auditing. 

“This complex approach can breed a variety of problems, which all have the potential to impact on a company’s level of compliance. Information recorded on paper can be inconsistent, mislaid or filed late; multiple systems mean its impossible to access a single and instant overview of compliance; and it can be challenging to complete and record audits and assessments across multiple branch sites. Adopting a cloud-based approach can swiftly eliminate these issues, ensuring constant compliance across all of the business.”