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Fire Risk Assessments

11 July 2016

We provide fire safety risk assessments to commercial or residential properties. Cardinus are one of the few companies that have BAFE Gold SP205 certification for fire safety risk assessments, giving you the reassurance you need when protecting lives and property.

UK fire legislation requires that a continuous risk assessment is carried out to demonstrate that the fire safety precautions of a building are adequate. It’s required that your fire risk assessments are carried out by a ‘Competent Person’, defined as someone with sufficient training, experience, knowledge or other qualities to enable them to carry out the task properly. Cardinus are one of only a handful of fire risk assessment experts that have been certified to the Gold standard for BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments. This makes us the perfect choice for your fire safety risk assessments.

Here’s why you should go with Cardinus:

  • Experienced in both the residential and commercial sector
  • Multi-skilled surveyors who can combine your fire risk assessments with surveys and assessments
  • BAFE ‘Gold’ SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment certified
  • Nationwide network of fire risk assessors
  • Free management software to track, store and manage all of your Cardinus property surveys

For more information on our fire safety risk assessments, contact us on info@cardinus.com or visit our website at www.cardinus.com.