Healthy Working

11 July 2016

Healthy Working, the world’s leading DSE training e-learning and risk assessment software, developed through a unique partnership between Cardinus and the Health & Safety Laboratory.

Healthy Working is an award-winning DSE training and self-assessment solution. Designed to help organisations reduce administration, improve productivity and reduce injury-related discomfort, it is an innovative new piece of DSE software that goes beyond the current DSE regulations to help employees in the modern workplace.

The partnership between Cardinus and the Health & Safety Laboratory has resulted in many features unique to Healthy Working that will truly revolutionise the way you achieve DSE compliance. New features encompass the way we work in the 21st century, including flexible working, mobile technology, multiple screens and much more. It caters for modern working practices and environments and, with full authoring capability for customers, this remit can be as specific as you like. We’ve also included multi-language capabilities for your global workforce.

The second layer of innovation is in the back-end, where risk assessment can be managed by the individual and assessed across the individual. This makes it more tailored to employee specific issues, as well as being a powerful analytic tool for discovering risk across an organisation.

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