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Control false fire alarms in care homes

06 May 2016

False and unwanted fire alarms are one of the big issues in fire safety and building management today.

The care home and social care industry in particular has unique needs when it comes to false alarm management (FAM). To meet these needs, Advanced has released a new document that shows the potential of automatic fire systems to help reduce unwanted alarms in these settings.

The document outlines the features of Advanced’s AlarmCalm FAM upgrade and its key components, as well as providing an overview of the areas within care homes where different false alarm strategies may be required, based on risk, building design and resident needs.

AlarmCalm is a total package and features enhanced firmware, comprehensive configuration software for Advanced’s fire systems and new intelligent alarm acknowledgement devices called AlarmCalm Buttons. It is said to provide total, easily-managed control over alarm verification periods and investigation delays to outputs.

It allows a site to be divided into false alarm management zones called building areas (up to 200 per panel or 40,000 per network). These are virtual areas used for FAM programming that by default match fire zones but can be set independently to cover multiple zones and points or individual points. The use of building areas makes even complicated cause-and-effect easy to set up.