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'First of its kind' internal audit tool

07 April 2016

Risk management expert Alcumus today announced the launch of the first Standards internal audit tool designed by a certification body especially for SMEs.

Intended for the 99% of UK firms who are either micro businesses or have fewer than 30 employees, the new platform will allow them to boost performance - and get on with their real jobs.

Currently many SME’s maintain their Standards internal audit function on Excel spreadsheets, in Word documents, on paper or a mixture of all three. It’s complicated; time consuming, inaccessible and not secure.

A level playing field

“We know that audits are not fun and not what entrepreneurs get into business for!” said Alcumus ISOQAR director Nikki Sammé. “But they are vitally important if a firm wants to compete, so we want to make it as easy as possible for them.

“60% of all UK private sector employment and nearly half of its turnover emanates from SMEs,” continued Sammé, “they have many of the same burdens as their large rivals yet often lack the in-house resources to handle internal auditing. This tool helps level the playing field by streamlining and simplifying the process to the point where it can be handled by a single employee.

“Actions can be assigned, tracked and closed out all from a single point.”

Meeting a Global Standard – from your living room

The Alcumus ISOQAR Standards internal audit module covers the flagship standards ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and  OHSAS 18001  (occupational health and safety management). It is the first affordable tool of its kind which allows - from one report view - visibility on the findings of an internal audit, any follow up actions and relevant documents in real-time.

Built on Alcumus  Info Exchange  technology the tool is secure and meets the demands of modern businesses to be easily upgradable to meet revisions to Standards.

Own your own audit
“Business is changing – the SME sector has grown by 55% since 2000 – and this tool recognises that,” continued Sammé, “it is built to be efficient, simple and portable. It requires no training and will take the pain out of an internal audit.”