Airwave app

16 March 2016

Casella's customers said they would like the capability to monitor their devices remotely without the need to disturb the worker.

By adding Bluetooth to Casella’s dBadge2 dosimeter and Apex2 sampling pump, this enabled customers to do just that by downloading the Casella Airwave App onto their mobile device.

The Airwave enables users to monitor the status of their run, control the instrument and send data. It’s not overcomplicated, just the features needed to make reporting easier.

The dashboard screen shows you all the instruments that are in range, a summary of run data and the status of the instrument. That means you can view from a distance without having to disturb your worker. And data is in real time so you can make an intervention there and then.  Simply ‘tap’ into the selected instrument to view data in more detail and from here you can start, stop and pause the run.

And when you need the data, email it directly from the App, attaching any photographs or notes so the results are waiting for you on your laptop when you get back to the office. And it’s free!

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