Height Restrictor

09 February 2016

Large goal post barrier designed to protect doorways from impacts.

Height Restrictors are a fully modular construction comprising, depending on internal height clearance requirements, fixed or modular bollard 200 mm OD post units.

Fixed ground level post units can be used up to a maximum internal height clearance of 3.4 m with width set at 4.3 m. To accommodate for increased heights and top rail widths, standard intermediate post extension units, end extension units and top rail units can be utilised and incorporated; these need to be anchored using suitable brackets fixed into solid surfaces to conform to safety standards. The highest unit so far installed has been 7.75 mm.

Applications and Benefits

Height restrictors have two main functions, doorway opening edge protection and height restriction for prevention of high-level impact damage. For edge protection at the entrance and exit sides of doorway openings the height restrictors are sized to have internal height and width clearance dimensions less than that of the doorway opening to prevent vehicles or loads making contact with the opening edges and causing impact damage.

This includes roller shutter doorways to protect the channels and prevent costly damage that can be caused by vehicle or load impacts. Where there is a risk of high level impact with overhead pipe bridges, cable trays, air or gas supply lines or ventilation ducts from high vehicles, high vehicle loads or forklift truck masts the height restrictors will prevent disruptive and expensive impact damage as well as warning a vehicle driver that his vehicle or load is too high.

Did you know?

Fixed ground level post units are available for heights of up to 2.4 or 3.4 m. Modular ground level post units can be up to 2.4 m high, modular intermediate extension units are available to add additional height up to 2.4 m and modular end extension post units, required for top rail mounting available to add height up to another 1.2 m or 2.4 m.

Tolerances, including full technical specifications, available on request.

Specifications differ for freezer grade option.