Spill control kits

16 October 2015

Safety and security specialists Bull Products has extended its range of spill control products for use in commerce and industry.

Under the brand name Spilla-Bull, the Bull Products range of spill control products allow companies and organisations to protect the environment wherever they operate.  There are a host of different absorbent products for oil, maintenance, chemical, marine and spill containment.

The newly added products provide several spill control kits which, grouped together, have everything needed for any emergency spill situation.  The first of these is an emergency Spill Control Centre which is a self contained first responder station, having a sealed cabinet housing spill control products for fast and easy deployment.  These Spill Control Centres can be tailored to individual requirements to provide spill absorbents for oil, maintenance or chemical spills. There is also the option of corporate branding to project company image on premises.

The second spill control kit from Bull Products is a Shoulder Bag in bright yellow to provide a fast emergency response on site.  The bag contains a variety of absorbent materials, including different size pads, socks, pillows and hazardous waste bags all intended for oil only spills and hazards.  The hydrophobic technology of the materials means that they are completely water repellent and will only absorb oils and fuels.

The third spill kit in the new range is a yellow emergency wheeled Spill Kit Bin.  Coming in two sizes of 120 litres and 240 litres capacity, the emergency Spill Kit Bins contain large quantities of pads, socks, pillows and hazardous waste bags for fast emergency deployment wherever needed.  Versions are available for oil only, general maintenance and chemical spills.

As an accredited ISO 14001 company themselves, Bull Products has high environmental standards and many years’ experience and knowledge in the spill control field to ensure that companies and organisations comply with current law and legislation whilst protecting the environment in increasingly demanding circumstances.  Its current safety products catalogue includes 20 pages devoted to a wide variety of spill control products which the company has created to help organisations keep spill products and equipment in place to guard against potential spill hazards when emergencies arise.