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Established in 2001, Bull Products is an independently owned manufacturer and importer of fire protection, fall arrest and first aid equipment, spill control and a range of other life-saving products for the construction industry.

Its mission is to innovate, manufacture and source quality products, interwoven with unparalleled delivery time response and after-sales services for the end user.

It provides a global service from its headquarters in Hereford, which supports partners in Europe, Asia and Australasia. The UK market is supported via depots in Newcastle, Cambridge, London, Chippenham, Kirkaldy (Scotland) and Newry (Ireland).

Bull Products’ core range of products include fire protection, fall arrest equipment, environmental products and first aid solutions




CYG1 - Cygnus Control Panel

The Cygnus control panel combines simple installation and user control with optimum performance.

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CYG2F - Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm

The impressive Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarm combination has all the features of the CYG2 alarm but also boasts the first aid alert functionality for first aid emergencies.

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TRLY05/012 - Fire First Responder Station

The range of First Responder Stations are designed to suit all requirements.

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ALM04RL - Site Evac Fire Alarm with Radio Link

The site Evac fire alarm is an industry standard wireless construction alarm featuring a compact design that is practical and durable for use in the harsh environment on construction sites.

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TRLY05/02 - First Aid First Responder Station

The range of First Responder Stations are designed to suit all requirements. These stations are fully customisable as there is no standard configuration. Customise your signage, emergency plans, branding, cabinet type etc.

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PIR - PIR Intruder Sensor

The PIR functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms. This additional feature helps utilise fire, first aid alarms, and detectors for intruder activities.

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CYG3L - Cygnus Heat Detector - PIR Optional

Cygnus lithium heat detectors are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects.

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CYGDI - Cygnus Detector Interface

The Cygnus detector interface has been purposely built for use with the ALMWS01 smoke, ALMWS02 heat and ALMWS04 CO detectors.

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