Legislation Watch

14 October 2015

Seton's Legislation Watch is a free resource that provides regular, up-to-date, and easy to digest information on workplace legislation, and health and safety issues.

Feedback from readers in a recent survey confirms that this is considered an invaluable resource that enhances the reputation of Seton as the expert in health and safety.

In July 2015, Seton conducted a survey with 214 readers to understand perceptions of their regular publication, Legislation Watch. 79% agreed that the magazine keeps them updated on essential workplace health and safety legislative information.

"It’s handy that I have a backup check on new legislation and it makes me more confident that I'm not missing anything," said one Seton customer. The magazine is available in a hard copy but 72% preferred to access it online via the website because it’s readily accessible when on the move, or they find the information easier to navigate digitally.

The majority of customers surveyed (68%) agreed that Legislation Watch improves their opinion of the Seton brand. One respondent stated that it "proves Seton are caring about health and safety, not just a supplier of equipment", with 77% agreeing that Legislation Watch helps to establish Seton as the expert in health and safety.