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BSIF hearing protection product group

22 January 2015

BSIF in Action

The BSIF Hearing Protection Product Group brings manufacturers, distributors and service providers of hearing protection products together to address issues facing their market and to promote the safe and correct use of all forms of hearing protection.

The proposed text for the revision of the PPE Directive, currently under consideration by the European Commission, Parliament and Council, will mean that all hearing protection products will move into Category III, the highest category based on the seriousness of the risk products are designed to protect against.

All Cat III products that carry an EC Type Approval Certificate to a relevant EN standard are also subject to annual surveillance of the product and the quality of its manufacture, ensuring that they continue to meet the requirements of their approval throughout the life of the product. While the proposed move of hearing protection into Cat III will add to the responsibilities of those supplying the market for these products, all those involved with the BSIF Hearing Protection Product Group see the proposal as a positive step for users, ensuring continuing quality of the products on offer and reducing the potential for fake, counterfeit and poorly performing hearing protection products finding their way onto the market.


Joint project

Currently the Hearing Protection Product Group is also nearing completion of a joint project with a number of other stakeholders including the Health and Safety Executive, Safety Groups UK, and Hearing Link, a charity supporting those who have already suffered hearing damage. The project has been developed by a Working Group formed from members of the Product Group and representatives of the other stakeholders and its output will be a downloadable e-mailer, brochure and workplace poster. These will raise awareness of the need to use hearing protection, explain the long term effects of hearing damage and explode a few myths about selection and use of the most appropriate equipment.

BSIF is aiming the material from this project squarely at the SME and those new to the need to use hearing protection. The Working Group has developed it to be straightforward, jargon-free, easily digested and a signpost to sources of further information, support and guidance if required. The material is currently in production and our launch of the ‘Listen Today, Hear Tomorrow’ campaign will be announced shortly.