Transmissions guide

29 October 2014

Toyota Material Handling UK has produced a video, educating viewers on selecting the right transmission for their engine-powered forklifts.

Earlier this year Toyota launched hydrostatic transmission (HST) on the Toyota Tonero engine-powered forklift range up to 3.5 tonne. The launch enabled Toyota to put customers' operational needs first and offer what it says is the safest truck on the market with a choice of either torque converter or hydrostatic transmission at no extra cost.

The Toyota Tonero engine powered forklift truck range is available with a choice of industrial engines; gas or diesel, plus all models include Toyota’s unique System of Active Stability that helps to protect the operators and increase productivity.

To help make companies aware of the impact the choice of transmission can have on the productivity of an operation, the new video includes the benefits of each transmission and a technical explanation of how they work.  

Dave Rylance, product manager at Toyota says: "The video provides an introductory guide to transmissions, but if customers are unsure and want advice on the most suitable transmission for their operation they should get in touch with their local sales representative, who can come to site, look at the operation and talk through the different options."

To watch the video titled Your Guide to Transmissions visit the Toyota Material Handling UK YouTube channel at