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An end to myths and misinformation

04 August 2014

The prevention of damage to health due to workplace skin exposure is one aspect of health and safety where myths and misinformation abound.

Furthermore, what appears to be logical to the less well informed is often not correct. Perhaps this explains why the latest EU statistics show that occupational skin disease represents around 30% of all recorded cases of occupational ill health.
Concerned by this, twelve months ago two partners of EnviroDerm Services (the independent consultancy on the prevention of damage to health due to workplace skin exposure) set out to produce an objective, independent and comprehensive guide to the management of skin in the working environment. Over two thousand hours of work later the result is their new, computer based, "Guide to Occupational Skin Management”. This guide comprises over 375 ‘pages’ of information including many charts, tables, diagrams and illustrations. The electronic format enables the animation of many of the illustrations and makes it easy to cross reference data to help the user to find the information they need. 
The guide is based on the latest scientific information together with the authors’ experience in over 50 years of involvement between them in this complex field.
For those seeking a comprehensive, accurate, practical guide on how to manage skin exposure in their workplace, here, at last, is your answer.
For full information call Hilary on 01386 832 311, visit www.enviroderm.co.uk or e-mail info@enviroderm.co.uk.