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Occupational skin management

05 February 2018

EnviroDerm Services says that it spends a considerable amount of time keeping up to date with what is happening in the fields of dermatology and skin management so as to ensure that its courses reflect the latest knowledge and techniques in what is a complex and constantly developing field. 

As a result it has introduced two new in-depth courses (formerly one course):

Skin Exposure Risk Assessment will cover an in-depth understanding of how our skin interacts with the working environment and the consequences. It then provides a structured, practical approach to identifying the real hazards, exposures and the potential for these to result in damage to health. This includes the latest knowledge about the interaction between inhalation, ingestion and skin exposure. 

Control of Skin Exposure provides a comprehensive examination of how skin exposure can be prevented or correctly managed. It covers technical and engineering controls, selection and use of personal protective equipment and skin care. 

'Occupational Skin Health Surveillance and Management Course', Dr Helen Taylor’s popular and highly regarded course, has been fully updated and will continue during 2018.

For further details please email katherine@enviroderm.co.uk or visit www.enviroderm.co.uk