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02 August 2014

Hard to reach workers operating on building sites, quarries, or in remote noisy settings are likely to be exposed to harmful noise levels. It is now easy to monitor personal noise exposure during a shift with this tiny wireless device to reduce noise-induced hearing loss.

Pulsar Instruments noise dosemeter or personal sound exposure meter (PSEM) is a specialised sound level meter intended specifically to measure the exposure to noise of an employee ‘on the go’ over a specific period of time.   This method is used widely by noisy industries to comply with current occupational regulations. These regulations include ‘Noise at Work’, OSHA and the EU Directive 2003/10/EC.

These tiny devices have a number of advantages. They have a limited effect on the sound field and, in the case of the Pulsar’s noise dosemeter, have no cable or display interfering with the worker’s physical environment.
A noise dosemeter such as the Pulsar Model 22 doseBadge system is a tiny rugged self-contained device.  It can be clipped to the shoulder or screwed onto a hard hat using a helmet mount as is commonly implemented in the construction industry to provide the wearer with added peace of mind.

The doseBadge can then be started at the beginning of a shift with the help of a dedicated ‘Reader’. The Pulsar Reader will also calibrate the noise doseBadge, a process which is recommended, to validate any measurements. Throughout the day, the doseBadge will measure all noise levels and will compute the LAeq and LCPeak values over the whole measurement period.

At the end of a shift, the noise dosemeter’s Reader is then pointed to the noise doseBadge, and, wirelessly, measurements are downloaded and perused easily on the Reader’s LCD display by using the keypad navigation arrows. All measurements can be then be transferred onto a PC via a dedicated software package such as Pulsar dBlink3 to produce a plotted Time History of noise events during the day without the need of complex manipulation for reporting purposes.
Click on the link below to view a full demonstration of the Pulsar personal noise dosimeter.

To find out more about Pulsar Pulsar Personal sound exposure meter personal noise exposure meter and how it can be used in the workplace as part of your health & safety strategy, please visit the website www.pulsarinstruments.com or ring the team direct at Pulsar on 01723 518011