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Noise and vibration range

06 August 2014

Svantek will be showing a wide range of high performance noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation at Health & Safety North 2014 including its newly launched SV103 – said to be the world’s first personal vibration dosimeter that accurately measures the vibration dose received by the operator.

Svantek’s SV103 is a small, rugged instrument which simply attaches to the user’s arm whilst the lightweight MEMS accelerometer straps to the hand. The device features an easy to read colour OLED screen and all data can be quickly downloaded to a computer for analysis. The SV103 also has an additional contact force transducer that measures how firmly the tool is being gripped.
Svantek’s compact and robust SV104 personal noise dosimeter offers a wide range of unrivalled features including octave band analysis for helping to select hearing protection, audio recording and full colour OLED screen. It also offers a revolutionary and virtually indestructible MEMS microphone and inbuilt tri-axial accelerometer for vibration shock detection.
The company's SV104 personal noise dosimeter with octave band analysis and its SV971 sound level meter and SV106 eight-channel human vibration meter will also be on display.