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Svantek UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Svantek in Poland, a world leading manufacturer of noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation.

The company was formed in January 2011 as a joint venture between Svantek and AcSoft Ltd, the company that previously distributed Svantek's products in the UK. Svantek are a world leading manufacturer of noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation. Formed in 1990, they boast one of the best qualified and most innovative teams of design engineers in the market. Their range of noise and vibration monitors is second to none with both quality and technical excellence being at the core of the company's philosophy.

Since 1994, AcSoft Ltd has made its name as the UK distributor for the world's best noise and vibration analysers www.acsoft.co.uk. Its founder, John Shelton, is renowned as one the UK's leading experts in noise monitoring solutions. AcSoft's product range currently includes market leading brands like Sinus, Microflown, gfai tech and microdB.

This joint venture further builds the European business of Svantek and runs alongside current ventures in Spain, Italy and Germany. This is a major step for Svantek to further increase market share in the UK.

At Svantek we pride ourselves in our worldwide reputation for product innovation. We understand the needs of our customers and strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market needs.


SV104 & SV104IS Personal Noise Dosimeter

Svantek’s cable-free SV104 personal noise dosimeter offers voice comments, audio events recording, octave band analysis, large 8 GB memory and OLED screen for excellent visibility.

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SV103 Personal Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure Meter

SV103 is the world’s first personal hand-arm vibration exposure meter

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SVAN 971 Sound Level Meter

The SVAN 971 is Svantek’s smallest Class 1 IEC 61672 sound level meter with 1/1 & 1/3 octave analyser and maximum functionality in compact design.

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SV106 Human Vibration Analyser

Svantek’s SV106 is a six-channel human vibration meter and analyser meeting ISO 8041:2005 standard and ideal for measurements according to ISO 2631-1,2&5 and ISO 5349.

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GilAir Plus Air Sampling Pump

The GilAir Plus increases worker comfort plus reduces time and costs with simultaneous high & low flow monitoring of particulates, vapours, gases & fumes

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The Heatshield is a versatile and compact system designed to measure many parameters for reducing the risk of employees overheating when working in hot environments.

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