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All in one noise monitoring station

18 September 2018

Svantek, the manufacturer of noise and vibration instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring applications, has launched the SV 200A all in one noise monitoring station with four built in microphones for noise directivity detection.

The new instrument enables identification of dominant noise sources providing information about their location both in vertical and horizontal directions.

Suitable for construction site monitoring, Svantek’s SV 200A is a Class 1 sound level meter integrated with wireless communication via 3G, LAN, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The measurement of directionality gives the opportunity to indicate the dominant source of noise in the area of measurement, the exclusion of unwanted events or to identify aeroplane flightpaths.

The SV 200A noise monitoring station boasts four additional microphones located on the sides of the housing which use the sound intensity technique to detect the direction of a dominant noise source both in the vertical and horizontal axes. The Leq distribution in angle sectors is saved as the time-history and can be used for data filtering and reporting.

The SV 200A noise monitoring station can perform a real-time frequency analysis on 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and save it as time history data. Additionally it can record the audio signal for noise sources recognition and data recalculation.