Training Approval

29 July 2013

IIRSM's mission is to provide recognition, information, support and enhancement of the status and reputation of health and safety professionals worldwide through the benefits of membership..

To help training centres, and other training providers, demonstrate that their training satisfies the high standards needed to meet the membership requirements of this fast growing internationally based occupational health and safety professional organisation, IIRSM have introduced a Training Approval scheme which is available as a package of Approval Centre, trainer and course. Please note that IIRSM is not an examining body nor a certification body. Approval does not guarantee acceptance of your course at any particular membership level as short courses and non-certificate, non-diploma courses are also open to the shceme.

The Scheme also provides a unique selling point, particularly for International centres seeking to establish the credentials of their training courses in what is a very competitive training market. International centres with qualifications fully accepted in their home countries and with demonstrable experience in delivering specialist qualifications in the field of health and safety, environmental, fire prevention and safety risk management may be approved by IIRSM if they satisfy the content and quality control criteria..

The scheme will both enhance the reputation and competitiveness of training providers who receive the "Approved Centre”, "Approved Course” and "Approved Trainer” awards by providing an external, professionally based, quality assurance process.In turn, this will also facilitate alumni to gain internationally recognised and approved membership of IIRSM.

In doing so, centres and trainers will be able to demonstrate that they meet the exacting requirements and provide the highest levels of training and internationally recognised qualifications in the exacting area of occupational safety and health. By doing so, they will enhance the future employment prospects of their alumni by offering approved high quality qualifications that meet internationally defined criteria.

To gain approval, training centres must be able to demonstrate a high level of governance, experience, expertise, financial stability and quality assurance.

Training Approval Scheme Guidelines

Course Approval Application Form

Centre Approval Application Form

Trainer Approved Application Form

Independent Trainer Approved Application Form - one year

IIRSM Training Approval Fee Structure -

The package includes: Centre approval plus three trainers approved plus one course approved.

Turnover less than £800,000 £1,620 + VAT

Greater than £800,000 but less than £1.5 million £2,160 + VAT

Over £1.5 million £2,700 + VAT

Additional course approval (per course) £ 216 + VAT

Additional trainer approval (per trainer) £ 112 + VAT

Self-employed / Independent trainer £ 112 + VAT - annual registration only


For all enquiries regarding the Training Approval Scheme contact Barry Holt, Director of Policy & Research,