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European Conference on Operational Research in Rome, Italy, 2013.

21 October 2013

EURO INFORMS MMXIII, 26th European Conference on

Dr. Shahzeb Ali Malik of IIRSM recently attended the 26th European Conference on Operational Research in Rome, Italy. The conference was held at Sapienza University in Rome over four days. In his presentation, he covered several topics including the basic concepts about Risk Management (RM) and in particular, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Along with that, he talked specifically about misconceptions about ERM and different factors that affect ERM adoption within organisations including people’s perception of risk and the need for an organisation to have risk based culture. He also discussed the on-going research project which involves designing an online Decision Support Tool (DST).

Along with his session, Dr. Malik also attended several other sessions related with his area of research. He enjoyed the overall experience of attending one of the largest European conferences of 2013 and gained positive feedback from other researchers who attended his session. Some of the main sponsors of the conference include IBM, Elsevier, Springer, SAS, and Wiley.

Dr. Malik has also submitted another research paper for the British Association of Management (BAM) conference which will be held on 10th – 12th September, 2013 in Liverpool. He will be attending the conference and will present his views on "Improving Risk Management Practice: A New Web-Based Initiative”.