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Anti-social surveillance

17 June 2021

ORBIS HAS introduced its new Anti-Social Behaviour Surveillance service, designed to significantly reduce these issues with a dedicated, cost-effective solution.

By utilising advanced CCTV technology, a system is deployed to carry out surveillance in areas where anti-social behaviour and crime are most prevalent. This service comprises of two types of monitoring.

Standard Alert Surveillance checks 

Camera checks are manually carried out by their Operators on an hourly basis during times when anti-social behaviour is most likely to occur. This allows their team to identify ‘time hot spots’ for each location.

Heightened Alert Surveillance checks

If suspicious behaviour or criminal activity is spotted by the Operator, the relevant authority will be immediately notified to respond, and the incident will be logged for client reporting.

Alongside the clear advantage of deterring and reducing anti-social behaviour, their new service also contains a range of other benefits –

  • CCTV and signage provide a clear deterrent against incidents occurring in the first place 

  • Saves significant time and money spent on resourcing and attending incidents and the associated costs when damage occurs

  • HD footage can be monitored in real-time by the customer through the Orbis portal 

  • Privacy Zone feature enables cameras to avoid areas of private property from being recorded by blocking out specific areas from view

  • Video footage can be retrieved as evidence in the event of criminal activity

  • System can provide audio challenges to instantly warn people engaging in anti-social behaviour

  • Night vision cameras ensure that accurate footage can be viewed 24/7

  • Cameras have a peripheral range of 1KM, ensuring that wider areas can be covered effectively 

This new service from Orbis is the ideal solution for common hotspots involving criminal activity, loitering gangs or fly-tipping. Their service not only acts as an effective deterrent, it will also alert community patrols or authorities in the event of anti-social behaviour. 

By providing businesses and organisations with a dedicated service, Orbis can help to create safer, cleaner and happier communities for everyone. 

For more information visit www.orbisprotect.com/news/introducing-our-new-anti-social-behaviour-surveillance-service/