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Safety Unlimited pushes back the boundaries

09 September 2019

The new, unrivalled and highly versatile Pushback System from critical storage specialists Safety Unlimited allows you to stack pallets containing any permutation of drums or IBCs within the same ultra accessible, time and space saving unit.

Drums are four per pallet and IBCs two at a time across a total of 24 pallets two deep, on two levels.  How does it work? Place the first pallet on the Pushback cradle, on the shelf, and push back the next pallet against the first one.  When you take a pallet off of the shelf the next pallet glides forward. This is based on a safe, proven, pallet rack system including thoughtful colour coding of the internal structure to ensure correct placement.

Each unit measures 8900mm x 3200mm x 3300mm (LxDxH) in any colour scheme and made from 2.5mm profiled Steel Sheet over 50mm x 50mm x 3mm RHS tube. Designed to comply with the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations and current Environmental and Health & Safety legislation, including Flame Arrested high and low ventilation. 

 There are padlockable sliding doors situated on one of the 8.9mm sides of the unit - plus a fully seam welded leak proof anti corrosive sump over the entire base area to a depth of 220mm and capacity of 6000 litres. And the Safety Unlimited Pushback concept literally galvanises your best practice storage with a Galvanised roof and guttering and removable Galvanised Grid flooring. All finished in Chemical/Corrosion Resistant paint.

For further details call Safety Unlimited on 01702 420000 or visit www.safetyunlimited.co.uk