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Effective team communication with Sonis Comms

02 May 2022

SONIS COMMS from JSP features embedded DMC technology to enable teams of up to 15 people to communicate and move around freely in remote locations without internet or mobile network coverage. Developed for high-performance protection, Sonis Comms offers SNR levels of 34dB (Headband) and 30dB (Mounted).

Sonis Comms is built on proven design concepts with high-performance materials first specified for the Sonis range. A product of years of extensive research and revolutionary development in acoustics and passive attenuation performance, Sonis Comms combines JSP premium hearing protection with DMC technology powered by Cardo to introduce new communication capabilities to the PPE market.

The full duplex system allows users to speak without waiting for other transmissions to end and prevents communications being cut off. Dynamic and self-healing network maintains group connection as users leave and re-enter range. Sub-group connections are established automatically when intercom groups split into smaller teams.

Active hearing protection offers the ideal solution for applications with noise hazards that require effective communication and situational awareness. Level-dependent attenuation protects against harmful noise while amplifying safe sounds, such as speech and warning signals, ensuring users are not isolated from their environment.

Designed as a modular system, Sonis Comms encapsulated cups provide high passive attenuation with clip-in DMC Control Pack powered by Cardo to connect electronic functions. Easy maintenance and a wide range of user-replaceable spares extend product life for improved sustainability.

Sonis Comms headsets are user-friendly and intuitive to operate via ergonomic buttons on the earcups, hands-free technology, desktop configuration tool, and JSP Comms mobile app. Built-in ‘Hey Sonis’ voice activation tool and voice recognition microphone allow users to speak and adjust settings using voice controls. Sonis Comms with Bluetooth® wireless technology connects to a smartphone for integrated entertainment audio and mobile calling.

As above-the-neck PPE specialists, JSP designed Sonis Comms to be compatible with other items of protective equipment. Sonis Comms Mounted ear defenders are designed, tested and approved for use with JSP EVO helmets, offering certified compatible combined protection.