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Thermal cameras in demand

12 March 2019

Ashtead Technology has extended its relationship with Testo by including the company’s advanced infrared cameras in the products which it offers for sale.

Ashtead’s senior sales manager, Josh Thomas, explains: “We have experienced a growing demand for long-term rentals of thermal cameras so we needed to expand the range of equipment that we could offer for sale. Our technical team already has a high regard for Testo instruments following years of success with their emissions monitors, so it made sense to extend this partnership to include the Testo thermal cameras.”

The range now includes the Testo 882 pistol grip camera, the Testo 885 camera with SuperResolution technology and the advanced Testo 890 with SuperResolution technology and higher pixel density for the better image quality and high resolution.

Typical applications for these instruments include building surveys, electrical equipment inspection, energy management, solar powered systems, high temperature manufacture, and many more. Josh Thomas says: “Manufacturing and processing equipment tends to get hot when it starts to malfunction, so thermal cameras provide an opportunity to detect problems before they become serious. However, the greatest demand is coming from consultants looking for high-end equipment, capable of remote high-definition inspection in a wide range of applications.”