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Temperature controlled safety showers

04 June 2024

ON INDUSTRIAL sites without a reliable hot water source, the provision of plumbed-in safety showers and eye/face washes able to provide tepid water can be challenging.

International standards stipulate that safety equipment must provide tepid water, defined as between 16C and 38C, to prevent further injury in the event of a chemical spill and to prevent the casualty from pulling away from the flow of water before completing a full 15-minute decontamination.

Add to this the complexity of the decontamination process for chemicals such as ammonia, which require a set temperature of 25C to 30C to mitigate burns, and the safety shower options become limited.

The solution? The Hughes temperature-controlled safety shower (STD-TC-100KS/45G).

The most frequently asked questions about this safety shower with eye/face wash are below, however if you need to learn more simply visit the product page or contact us directly.

What locations is the temperature-controlled safety shower suitable for?

Due to the robust corrosion-resistant stainless-steel frame and internal water heater the unit is functional in temperatures down to -25C, and so can be located outdoors in cold climates as well as indoors. It is suitable for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas and fully complies with the specification for ammonia decontamination.

Is the water temperature adjustable?

Yes. For sites that need a specific temperature range due to the decontamination requirements of the hazardous chemicals used on site the temperature can be manually adjusted. This is factory set at 25C.

How does the unit provide tepid water?

The temperature-controlled safety shower features an integral 300-litre capacity hot water tank. When the shower and eye/face wash are activated, the thermostatic mixing valve combines the flow from the hot water tank with a cold-water bypass from the water inlet to supply the required water temperature.

Additionally, other safety showers in the locality can take advantage of the heated water supply provision via a second outlet on the temperature-controlled safety shower.

Does the unit comply to safety standards?

Yes, the temperature-controlled safety shower complies to both European (EN15154) and international (ANSI Z358.1-2014) safety standards by providing over 15 minutes of water at a set temperature within the tepid (16C-38C) range. The unit also delivers a minimum flow rate of 76L per minute for the shower and 12L per minute for the eye wash as outlined by the standards.

To ensure full compliance the unit must be positioned within 10 seconds reach of the chemical hazard and be free from obstruction. Routine maintenance and regular inspections should also be conducted to ensure the unit is working as intended.

Can the safety shower and eye/face wash be used independently?

Yes, the eye/face wash is activated when the protective lid is pulled down, while the safety shower. Both can be used either independently or simultaneously, dependent on the user’s needs.

To view the full specification and general arrangement drawing, consult the product datasheet.

For more information, visit www.hughes-safety.com