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Safeguarding against corrosive hazards

21 February 2023

HUGHES SAFETY Showers has provided insight on safeguarding leisure sector workers from corrosive workplace hazards.

It is estimated that the average UK family spends a staggering 22% of their weekly budget on leisure activities, placing huge demand on the industry. In such a rapidly growing sector there are a plethora of arduous hygiene processes used to maintain facilities and protect the public. During recreational breaks, swimming pools and golf courses are often considered family favourites, but how strenuous is maintenance?

Golf courses require a significant combination of different chemicals to maintain the grounds, including powerful pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and nematicides. One such chemical commonly used on golf courses is chlorpyrifos which attacks the nervous system of unwanted insects, but repeat exposure in humans is known to cause symptoms varying from nausea, in light exposure, to convulsions in more severe cases. PPE is a vital component for workers handling these substances to ensure that exposure is minimised as much as possible. However online outlet, Golf Safety, recognise that no combination of PPE can provide complete protection.

Therefore, it is imperative to provide easily accessible and quick to activate safety equipment to workers handling such chemicals. EN and ANSI Standards stipulate that the control valve of safety shower and eye wash equipment must activate in 1 second or less and deliver 12 litres of potable water per minute for 15 minutes. The Hughes range of plumbed in eye wash and safety showers are designed to exceed both EN and ANSI standards to ensure a thorough decontamination can be provided as quickly as possible.

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The most popular method of maintaining cleanliness in public swimming pools is chlorination. This is the disinfection process of introducing chlorine, in one of several forms, to a large body of water to clean it. However, when the ratio of chlorine to water is not properly controlled this can be an extremely dangerous process resulting in an adverse chemical reaction which can cause serious damage to the soft tissues of the lungs, eyes, and throat.

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For quick use when needed it is advised that your safety showers are positioned close to the chemical storage. This way, in the event of a spill while handling, workers will quickly be able to access facilities to flush the site. Hughes range of combination showers can be installed close to the hazard and can be used either independently or simultaneously by the casualty. The EXP-18GS/45G comes with an ABS closed lid to protect the bowl and diffusers from debris and pollutants, making this ideal for situating close to chemical storage.

With over 50 years manufacturing experience, Hughes are leaders in delivering high quality safety showers and eye wash solutions. Submit your enquiry today to discuss your requirements with our experts.