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Noise and vibration range

03 April 2023

SHAWCITY OFFERS a high-quality range of wearable and portable noise and vibration measurement instrumentation for the health and safety market.

SV 104 is a personal dosimeter which offers voice comments and audio events recording. Worn on the user’s shoulder, it comes with an ATEX option and rechargeable batteries.

The SV 971 handheld sound level meter is designed for both occupational noise monitoring and building acoustics measurements. A Class 1 meter, it offers LAeq linear measurements from 27 to 137 dB (140 dB peak) in a single range.

A Class 2 handheld sound level meter and a sound exposure meter in one device, the SV 973 runs for up to 38 hours and performs real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 options.

SV 103 is the world’s’ first personal HAV exposure meter. It is worn on the user’s arm, with the triaxial accelerometer located in the palm of the hand, so it doesn’t interfere with normal working activities.

The pocket-sized SV 106 offers human vibration metering and analysis over six channels, enabling simultaneous measurements with two tri-axial accelerometers suitable for HAV and WBV measurements.

This range is available from Shawcity’s long-standing partnership with Svantek, a leading manufacturer with one of the best qualified and most innovative teams of design engineers in the industry. Contact Shawcity for more information or to arrange a free demonstration.

For more information, visit www.shawcity.co.uk