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Shawcity's new partnership with Aquaread

17 August 2021

Shawcity announces its new relationship with British company Aquaread, which designs and manufactures multiparameter water testing equipment and highly precise water level and temperature loggers.

The range now available from Shawcity covers applications including ground water, surface water, construction, mining, marine, flood monitoring, aquaculture and low flow sampling. 

Managing director Neil O’Regan said, "We are receiving a growing number of water quality enquiries from our environmental and remediation customers, so it makes perfect sense to team up with Aquaread and offer an established and trusted range of products."

Taking water quality samples and plotting water level data over time allows for the monitoring of changes or trends. Groundwater monitoring can offer sensors measuring the usual parameters such as pH, ORP, EC, DO and temperature. Depending on the application, additional options can also be included, such as ISE sensors for Nitrate for example, or optical sensors for Turbidity. 

There are also a large range of options suitable for measurement and recording of environmental data associated with construction and remediation. Solutions include Leveline sensors suitable for level and temperature measurements, through to Aquaprobes, which can be used for handheld or long-term monitoring of water quality to ensure compliance with a range of parameters.

Shawcity will be showcasing these products at the Contamination & Geotech Expo at the NEC on 22-23 September.