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Put your best foot forward

06 May 2020

‘One size fits all’ is not a maxim that uvex 1 and 2 safety shoes and boots aspire to. On the contrary, uvex believes in the individual, and recognises that each person has different needs and desires when it comes to their safety footwear.

With their massive range of sizes from 3 to 17, and multiple-fitting system, uvex has developed the uvex 1 and 2 ranges to fulfil both personal and organisational requirements for customisation and performance, as well as foot size.

Both the uvex 1 and 2 shoes and boots are ultra-light and virtually seam-free to eliminate pressure points, with outstanding breathability and sweat absorption. They boast metal-free toecaps and dual-layer, low weight PU soles, with removable antistatic comfort insoles that come in three widths, to deliver outstanding impact absorption and minimise potential back, knee and joint problems.

Uvex 1

The multipurpose uvex 1 is designed for excellent grip and comfortable all-day use in indoor or lighter environments such as factories, warehouses and logistics. It supports the natural movement of the body. 

The extremely versatile uvex 1 range offers a huge range of possibilities. These include a perforated version for those working in warmer environments; shoes specifically made for women (in sizes 3.5 – 6.5) using a ladies’ last to give a better, more comfortable fit; models with safety levels varying from S1, S2 to S3; and a leather model. Also available is a version with extended heel support, helping to stabilise the foot and provide greater anti-twist protection for reduced risk of sprains. 

The oil, petrol and water-resistant uvex 1 x-tended support collected the accolade of German Design Award Winner in 2015.

Uvex 2

The uvex 2 leather shoe or boot is designed for outdoor use owning to the excellent grip provided by its PU sole, which supports the natural rolling motion of the foot without restricted movement, and whose tread pattern disperses surface debris to reduce slip risk.

Winner of the prestigious Plus X Best Product 2017 Award and four other awards since 2016, the uvex 2’s unique concept is to significantly reduce the level of stress on wearers’ musculoskeletal systems. With its extreme lightness, shock absorption, stability, climate optimisation and customability, the uvex 2 pushes the limits of safety footwear.


Both the uvex 1 and 2 can be customised to increase wearer comfort using either the uvex multiple width fit system or the uvex tune-up insoles.

The uvex multiple width fit system insoles change the dimensions inside the footwear to either reduce the space inside for a narrower fit using a ticker insole or increase the space for a wider fit by using a thinner insole.

The uvex tune-up insoles provide support for the arch of the foot. Available in 3 different arch support versions: high, medium and low, the insoles can help realign the natural position of the foot and ease discomfort by distributing the body weight evenly. This helps ease discomfort, lower foot pain, back and knee pain and also help avoid fallen arches.

Both insole systems are certified for use in uvex 1 and 2 in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011.