Lift reels to height

05 September 2022

PACKLINE'S STAINLESS bespoke single spindle attachment with retainer lever was designed to lift reels to height and transfer them onto a cantilever unwind mandrel.

The reels are secured in place on the single spindle by means of a retaining lever and retaining stop pin. The mechanism features a lever which controls the retaining stop, raising and lowering the retainer to hold the reel in place, and releasing for loading onto the mandrel.

This securing system for the reel ensures that the reels are held in place while being handled and transferred. The stop pin is lowered when the operator pulls the lever to enable the reel to be transferred onto the mandrel. The mechanism is spring loaded meaning that the retaining stop pin is returned to its ‘closed’ position to prevent the reels from rolling off the attachment.

The raising and lowering actions of the Single Spindle Attachment are made by a battery powered mechanism which is operated by simple ‘up and down’ buttons that are located ergonomically on the machine’s handlebars. Ease of operation is further enhanced with a slow start feature that provides the operator with precise and accurate positioning when docking, loading and un-loading.

This lifter is entirely suitable for the food industry and other hygienic applications. The design offers impressive stability, strength, and durability and together these features combine to provide the transportation of the rolls with ease, confidence, and complete safety.