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Prevent forklift accidents

08 July 2020

As forklift trucks go in and out of facilities to transport goods, the wheels allow dirt and water to migrate into your facility. This can create a dangerous environment and increase the likelihood of serious injuries. Waterhog Forklift Mats can prevent these problems.

Not only do trails of dirt and water create an unpleasant work setting, but it can lead to forklifts skidding, slips, falls and other accidents. In fact, roughly 1,300 UK employees are involved in forklift accidents every year. Waterhog Forklift Mats can prevent dirt and water from being tracked into your facility, and therefore prevent these problems from occurring.

What makes the Waterhog Forklift Mats so powerful are their effective scraping capabilities, bi-level construction, durability, and highly absorbent materials. To ensure safety and protection, the mats scrape dirt and water away from the wheels, then locks in moisture and holds onto dirt. Not only does this create a safer workplace, but they also provide traction to prevent forklifts from skidding.

Using Waterhog Forklift Mats in your warehouse entrances and loading bays can instantly improve the health and safety of your facility. To request a free sample, get more information, or to place an order, please call 0121 313 6748 or visit www.mats4u.co.uk today.