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Stop forklift trucks spreading dirt

18 July 2017

Do you have problems keeping your facility or warehouse clean and safe? If you use forklift trucks to move goods from the outside and back into your warehouse, then this could well be a major source of the problem.

A simple solution has been designed to combat this: Waterhog Forklift Mats. 

If your forklift trucks make several journeys outside and back into your building all day long, they can bring with them more than the goods they carry.

Dirt, mud, and water is tracked inside on the wheels of the forklift, which can then be further tracked around the building on people’s footwear. The dirt and water brought in on the wheels of forklift trucks can not only lead to slip and fall accidents, it also reduces the cleanliness and hygiene levels of your facility. The problem is exacerbated in inclement weather or if it is difficult to keep your storage yard free of dirt and mud. 

Placed at the entrance areas to your warehouse, Waterhog Forklift Mats remove dirt and moisture from the wheels of forklift trucks. They have a crush proof, bi-level construction which can withstand the weight of a loaded forklift and which holds the dirt in the mat, where it can easily be cleaned away at the end of the day.