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Martor unveils exciting brand refresh

01 August 2022

MARTOR HAS refreshed its brand to elevate it to be truly international, one that would resonate in all markets, irrespective of local languages and market development.

Already the market leader in safety knives for size of range, product quality and innovation, MARTOR has creating a new strapline and a stunning acoustic logo. The original strapline, ‘Enjoy Safety, Made in Solingen’ was a little clunky, especially to English speakers.

Few people set out to enjoy safety, rather they want and expect to be safe at work and ‘Made in Solingen’ is a very German reference to where the products are made. It would be like a UK company saying, ‘Made in Sheffield’, which would work in the UK, but not so easily in other markets. While you can’t fault the ambition of ‘Made in Solingen’, unless people were aware that Solingen is the heart of German steel making excellence, the message is lost and confusing.

Over the past 10 years MARTOR has grown quickly, with sales in 70+ countries. Product quality and innovation have been the foundations of this success, communicated by consistent branding and messaging. To improve the strapline, MARTOR wanted to make it more international, highlight the core activity of the business and demonstrate market leadership:

MARTOR The Safer Way To Cut

Simple, easy to remember.  Each element carries a message, “The Brand – Safer Than Others – We Do Cutting”

The launch included high quality video, at 1000 frames per second, showing the knives in action – truly exceptional photography that highlights the technical excellence and beauty of cutting in a way people have never thought about before.

Adding a further dimension, an Acoustic Logo has been created. The inspiration was the noise of the cut and the clicking of the knives’ mechanisms, signed off with a deep resonating sound to introduce the MARTOR logo, reflecting the solidity and power of the business.

Commenting on the acoustic logo and new strapline, Chris Brown, MARTOR UK managing director said, “This is a fantastic development.  The new strapline is easy to understand and describes exactly what we do.  The Acoustic Logo is sensational, it gives us a unique tool to project our business and demonstrates our commitment to future innovations.  I look forward to every opportunity to present the new videos, the strapline and the Acoustic Logo which have been wrapped into a great piece of MARTOR communication”.

For more information, contact MARTOR UK at sales@martor.co.uk or 01924 281333.

You can watch the videos below.