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Latest on UKCA marking

03 November 2022

ON THE 20 June 2022 the Government published easements to the previous guidance on UKCA implementation, as per the information contained in the BSIF “Bulletin” of June 23rd 2022. That Government publication was of course general guidance and covered the range of manufactured goods which moved from the CE to the UKCA and UKNI regimes.

The main change in that guidance was the ability to use CE credentials as the basis for demonstrating UKCA compliance. As seismic as this change was, the guidance was very general and as such it generated a torrent of further questions as to exactly how the new rules were to be applied. 

We collated these questions and put them to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BEIS did not answer the questions but committed to sector specific guidance including on PPE. That guidance can now be found by following this link


This guidance clarifies one or two points, including confirmation on the need to have a Declaration of Conformity (which was only recommended in the June 20th publication) and it also makes clear that businesses who were formerly distributors, sourcing from the EEA and Switzerland, and who now become importers taking goods from the same territories, can access easements on applying their names and addresses etc to product.

There are other “fine details” to be worked out and we will continue to press BEIS for answers, directly and through their participation in the BSIF forum of Approved Bodies (our Test and Certification Association).