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JSP showcases PPE excellence with new product guides

07 July 2021

JSP HAS launched a new set of Product Guides showcasing the latest innovations from their popular PPE ranges alongside the full comprehensive range for each type of PPE.

Complete with information on selection of the correct PPE, overviews of performance and testing standards, and detailed technical information, the guides provide a wealth of information enabling users to understand the hazards faced, assess risks in order to select the right protection, and put the appropriate measures in place by developing a PPE programme.

Further information about JSP’s ISO9001 BSI approved test-houses and Quality Assurance Laboratories in each manufacturing facility is shown in each guide explaining the rigorous testing which is carried out for each category of PPE under the BSI Kitemark scheme for products. 

For each range, the product guide provides advice on the correct fitting of PPE and shows which products and accessories are compatible with each other, to offer a complete solution to suit individual safety requirements. 

JSP’s team of Research and Development Engineers continue to design innovative future products for each range, advancing PPE development and technologies. To learn more about JSP’s range of PPE, visit the JSP website and download the latest guides. https://www.jspsafety.com/contentpage/product-guides-2021.