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IOSH refreshes occupational cancer guidance

31 January 2023

IOSH HAS unveiled refreshed guidance on managing the risks of occupational cancer.

Its No Time to Lose campaign webpages have been updated to ensure they take account of the latest information on the four areas of the campaign – asbestos, diesel fumes, silica dust and sun safety.

Ahead of World Cancer Day on 4 February, IOSH is urging its members and businesses to review the resources to ensure they are doing all they can to protect people.

Lawrence Webb, IOSH president said, “Hundreds of thousands of people around the world die each year from cancer which resulted from being exposed to harmful materials or substances at work. This is not acceptable and is something our No Time to Lose campaign has focused on tackling since it started.

“I’m delighted that these resources have been refreshed. They showcase what the risks are and how OSH professionals and business leaders, and even workers themselves, can manage them and prevent exposures at work in a way that will resonate.”

World Cancer Day is held annually and is led by the Union for International Cancer Control. It aims to raise awareness around cancer and improve education and be the catalyst for action toward prevention and ensuring there is access to life-saving treatment for all.

The theme for this year is #CloseTheCareGap and celebrates the progress that has been made. It also seeks to continue the momentum toward ensuring everyone can receive the care they need.

“This is a very important day,” added Lawrence. “It’s an opportunity to reflect on where we are in the fight against cancer and to focus on the progress that still needs to be made. From an occupational cancer viewpoint, we can look again at how we are protecting people at work, and actually eliminate the potential for harm where we can. We can share stories and ideas and I encourage members to get involved.”

You can find out more about World Cancer Day and getting involved on its website here.

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