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Increased remote working requires a re-evaluation of employee training

17 August 2020

iHASCO, a market-leading provider of eLearning, has launched an Effective Remote Working training course.

The company, who has delivered over 5 million training sessions to more than 10,000 UK organisations, continued to support businesses with their health, safety and wellbeing training throughout the pandemic. This new Effective Remote Working Training course comes at a time where businesses are re-evaluating the workplace and looking to a new way of working.

This new title comes at a time where businesses are re-evaluating the workplace and looking to a new way of working. During April 2020, the Office of National Statistics found that 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home, which is unsurprising given the government lockdown. However this has caused many organisations to embrace flexible working and see it as a more permanent option for those looking to work from home in the longer term.

“The traditional 9 to 5 workplace will be a thing of the past for many organisations moving forward, with many recognising the benefits of a total or partial remote workforce” says Nathan Pitman, Director at iHASCO. “We’ve created the course to offer businesses an effective, quick way of helping their employees adapt to a continued period of remote working and remain safe, yet productive.”

The CPD accredited training course is suitable for staff who always or partially work from home or remotely, and aims to strengthen relationships between employers and employees to promote healthy remote working practices. Key course content includes:

  • Tools to manage time effectively and productively
  • How to create a productive workspace
  • Effective communication strategies

As employees seek more flexible working, many employers who offer remote working opportunities may see increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and more engaged staff. Many organisations have undergone rapid change and supporting employees is vital to survive and prosper.

To offer further support, iHASCO have also produced a Managing a Remote Team white paper. This is designed to help managers and team leaders build strong relationships and unite employees when they are working from different locations. Filled with practical steps for managers to help their teams flourish, it includes important aspects of communication, productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

“The response from clients has been overwhelmingly positive throughout these unprecedented times, and we feel incredibly grateful to have helped so many businesses continue their workplace training”, says Mr Pitman. “The increased use of online training is set to continue as businesses move forward and start to recover from this period of uncertainty, with online training being the best solution for a dispersed workforce.”

Organisations that feel this new course could benefit their employees can sign up for a free trial. Managers and business owners interested in the Managing a remote team whitepaper can download it from the iHASCO website.

Visit: www.ihasco.co.uk for more information.