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Pandemic heightens health & safety awareness

14 September 2020

With over 581,000 accidents in UK workplaces last year (as reported by the HSE) it’s clear that more could be done when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, health and safety has taken centre stage and businesses have raced to make workplaces COVID-secure to get employees back to work safely. But has this also heightened the awareness of the overall importance of the health and safety of employees?

iHASCO, a leading provider of online health, safety and compliance training, have found that throughout the pandemic, many companies have continued to support their staff's health and safety at work. In uncertain times, having an element of control over these important issues has been vital to create a positive work culture and keep their workforce safe. However, increased interest in eLearning has shown that many organisations are looking for additional support for their employees, and health and safety training has had a vital role to play. Areas such as fire safety, display screen equipment and manual handling have been applicable to remote workers as well as those in the workplace. Furthermore, a return to the workplace after some time away has meant that vital refresher training has been essential to help support the transition of staff back to work.

Organisations must take health and safety seriously, not only because they have a legal obligation to, but also to provide confidence to their workforce. These unprecedented times have left businesses and individuals vulnerable, and building and maintaining a safe working environment is key to future success.

iHASCO’s new and improved Essential Health & Safety course is the perfect solution for organisations that want to provide an overview in the key areas of Health and Safety that businesses are legally required to train their staff in. This best-selling course has seen over 320,000 training sessions previously completed and has now been given a major visual update. 

Course content includes key, core areas of health and safety, such as:

  • Manual Handling Techniques

  • Display Screen Equipment Set Up

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Fire Safety

  • Handling Hazardous Substances & COSHH

  • First Aid Kits / Accident Books

The course can be used to provide a general introduction to health and safety in the workplace or as a practical refresher for these key topics, and it takes just 45 minutes to complete. With CPD accreditation and IOSH approval, you can rest assured that the content is accurate and as up to date as possible.

Businesses cannot afford to neglect basic health and safety training, and eLearning provides a simple and affordable solution to help protect staff from accidents and injuries. Employers and employees should all feel confident that the workplace is safe, and training is a vital part of this, as it will help show commitment to health and safety as a team effort. Given these unprecedented times, workplace safety is paramount.