Hughes at A+A 2021

18 October 2021

ARE YOU visiting A+A? Be sure to drop by Hall 6, G37 to browse a huge selection of safety showers and eye washes from Hughes Safety Showers.

Wherever your site is located, and whatever the climate, Hughes have a solution to protect the safety of your workforce from the risk of exposure to hazardous materials and to achieve compliance to European and International standards. 

  • Mains fed safety showers for indoor and outdoor use – suitable for all applications; unheated, jacketed and insulated or trace tape heated. From simple wall or ceiling mounted drench showers through to floor standing models with eye wash and body spray. 

    Visit the booth to view the various optional fittings available to customize the product to suit your exact requirements, such as alarms, lights, GRP safety barriers and anti-slip ramps.

  • Tank fed safety showers – ideal for any environment with no constant water supply. We’ll be showcasing our “mini tank shower” on the booth so you can really get up close!

  • Mobile self-contained safety showers - essential on sites where a stationary safety shower and eye wash is unsuitable, for stand-by use where no water supply is available, or when existing safety showers are undergoing maintenance. We’ve recently updated the design of our popular STD-40K/45G model, now available with a removable insulated or heated jacket.

  • Plumbed-in and self-contained eye washes – the extensive range includes eye washes for indoors, or outdoors for both hot and cold climates. Where a fixed installation is unsuitable, take a look at the new OptiWash self-contained unit we will have on display. 

Join us for a coffee in Hall 6, G37 to discuss your site requirements. Learn more about our service and support packages, as well as safety showers available to hire. We look forward to welcoming you, face to face at last!

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