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Keeping warm, visible, and safe in winter

09 December 2019

With winter fast approaching, JSP is highlighting three products designed to keep workers warm, visible, and safe.

The new JSP Surefit thermal helmet liner

This thermal helmet liner will keep workers’ heads snug and warm in all weathers. It is designed to be worn under all of the JSP Evolution range of safety helmets, so that users will not be tempted to wear incompatible alternatives such as hoodies or other hats under their hard hats. These could reduce their field of vision and compromise the helmet’s fit, endangering both themselves and others should the helmet fall off.

Designed to cover the entire ear for maximum comfort and warmth, the lightweight, comfortable Surefit thermal helmet liner’s stretchy material ensures a perfect fit for all head sizes.

The JSP Visilite helmet illumination system

Bleak winter weather combined with fewer daylight hours means that the need for optimum worker visibility on site at all times increases. 

The Visilite, JSP’s lighting system for its Evolution range industrial safety helmets, solves the problem of gloomy and dim light at work. The durable Visilite is an ultra-flexible fibre optic lighting system that increases worker visibility without dazzling colleagues and is visible up to 50 metres away.

Effortless and quick to fit, it simply clips securely onto the sides and rear of the helmet, allowing fibre optic light to shine all around it. It is splash-proof and can safely be used in wet weather and very cold conditions.

The USB-rechargeable Visilite offers three lighting modes – static, fast flash, or slow flash – suiting the needs of any user. It is a simple, inexpensive, but invaluable asset to keep workers safe during the darker months.

JSP’s Winter Hardcap A1+ bump cap

JSP’s Winter Hardcap A1+ is designed to easily exceed EN812+A1 standard, which requires protection at four impact sites. It features fold-down flaps that cover the ears and neck for added warmth and protection, so is suitable for use in food industries or cold storage or in any bitter winter outdoor conditions.

The stylish Winter Hardcap A1+ offers as much protection from impact and spike penetration as a bump cap. JSP believes it is the highest-performing baseball-style bump cap on the market. It also conforms to the tougher EN812 bump cap standard.