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HSM Duty to Protect Legal Webinar

04 September 2023

HEALTH AND Safety Matters has partnered with legal firm DAC Beachcroft to host a legal webinar on 8 September 2023 on The duty to protect and the role of the health and safety professional.

Since 2017, the UK has experienced several terrorist attacks and it is suggested that a further 37 plots have been prevented. There has been a significant diversification of the threat in the UK in recent years, with low sophistication attacks becoming more prevalent.

The UK Government’s proposed Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill — better known as Martyn’s Law — was recently released in its draft form for official parliamentary scrutiny ahead of its formal introduction, likely in 2024. The legislation will require “qualifying public premises” with a capacity of more than 100 people, including premises used for activities such as entertainment, leisure, hospitality, health care and education, to implement security measures aimed at keeping the public safe and reducing the impact of terrorist attacks when they do occur. If enacted, these legal duties and obligations will have a significant impact on businesses and their H&S/security advisors across the spectrum of industry sectors, with each having to face both common and unique challenges.

This session will cover the detail of the draft Bill, the latest news on its passage through Westminster.  We will also look at how the health and safety professional might become involved and what implementation of the proposed new measures might look like in practice.

All attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

You can register to attend at https://events.streamgo.live/the-duty-to-protect-and-the-role-of-the-health-and-safety-professional