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Good to Go Safety for your warehouse

31 July 2018

A WAREHOUSE is arguably the most valuable area of any business, not just in monetary terms but also in productivity.

Keeping a warehouse moving is critical to any business, any loss in productivity can prove extremely expensive. The cost of equipment downtime can include higher costs for parts and shipping; time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working; shipping delays and the subsequent impact on your reputation as a supplier of goods.

Faulty workplace equipment can result in injury/death to employees, damage to goods, extra cost of temporary storage, downtime, increased legal/compensation/insurance costs, damaged morale and public image. It's a lot to gamble.

The chance of a forklift truck, pallet truck, tow tractor or other manual handling equipment colliding with pallet racking is relatively high but the reporting of such an incident is small. It is therefore critical to ensure your warehouse is frequently inspected, to identify damages and help prevent accidents.

In 2017 a forklift driver had a lucky escape when storage racking collapsed at a warehouse in the West Midlands.

Comply with PUWER, WAHR, HSE, SEMA regulations and be recognised for promoting industry best practice with the multi-award winning Good to Go Safety system.