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Helping businesses adapt to the new norm

03 August 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID19 businesses around the world have been seeking new procedures and work practices to help minimise the risk of infection and, with lockdown restrictions easing, more and more companies are returning to work and getting used to the “new normal”.

One area that cannot be ignored is that of equipment inspections and maintenance procedures, to ensure that equipment remains safe to use and meets the relevant regulations such as PUWER, LOLER and WAHR. Historically this would include using pens and paper checklists to complete inspections before handing completed forms in to the office as part of their audit trail.

With such a large emphasis on minimising the sharing of tools/equipment and interactions between employees, combined with a focus on personal hygiene and social distancing, the TakeAIM app can help in a number of ways:

Management is able to set up an account and register their inspectors, linking them with assets they need to inspect. The maintenance team can then download the app to their own phones, and access their checklists to complete. Unlike the paper system, this has the added benefit of allowing photos to be attached during the inspection if concerns are identified, each step of the inspection is also time stamped to ensure the work is being carried out thoroughly. Upon completion the checklist is digitally signed, dated and uploaded to the company dashboard where management has instant visibility of the findings.

In addition management are able to view trends in data to help plan future maintenance requirements and to identify any missed inspections, they are also receive email notification if an advisory or major fault has been registered – allowing them to make instant decisions on how to remedy the situation, all of which helps save time and money whilst limiting the need for face to face meetings or handling/storage of paperwork.

There is no limit to the number of users or assets that you can add, the app is pre-loaded with a wide range of equipment types which will cover most business requirements, and even includes a checklist that allows staff to complete a daily check for symptoms of COVID19 before they arrive at work. However, the system also allows the user to create their own specific checklists from scratch for any specialist equipment. When the app is used in conjunction with our QR codes, the process is simplified further – the QR code is assigned to an asset register and when scanned by the app, it automatically opens the relevant checklist ready for completion.

Why not give it a try? Now is a perfect time to test the system with a one week free trial to discover the benefits first hand, simply register at https://takeaim.goodtogosafety.co.uk/ for a no obligation/full access trial.