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Fleet management for a dispersed workforce

21 July 2021

DISPERSED WORKFORCES have been around for a long time, but now are starting to appear much more frequently. A dispersed workforce also presents challenges, and specifically the way in which companies fulfil their responsibility to protect their employees’ health and safety.

Some examples of challenges faced by dispersed workforces:

  • Grey fleet management

  • Making sure staff have read and accepted workplace driver policy

  • Difficulties in rolling out on-road training and risk assessments

IAM RoadSmart says it is well placed to meet these requirements in a variety of different ways.


CHOICES is an online e-learning and risk management portal. 

Incredibly cost-effective and easy to implement, CHOICES looks at employees’ driving history, and has them complete an online evaluation that gives a general risk score for each. Any employees who are flagged as high risk can then be offered additional in-car training to manage that risk. 

As a fully online product, CHOICES perfectly solves the problem of offering a consistent solution to a dispersed workforce.  

Toolbox talks

If you have specific topics you’d like IAM RoadSmart to cover with your workforce, Toolbox Talks is ideal. Given in an interactive webinar format and chosen from a selection of topics such as drowsy or drink-driving, distractions, and more. 

The highly interactive webinar format means that Toolbox Talks are engaging and keep participants active and interested. The ability to choose from a range of available subjects means they slot conveniently into any identified gaps in health and safety policy. 

National Coverage

Of course, when more traditional methods are called for, a dispersed workforce doesn’t get in the way. IAM RoadSmart is fortunate to have access to a wealth of experts located throughout the UK, who can offer excellent advanced in-car driving instruction wherever required. 

You might want in-car training for a full team of employees, or for a small number that were flagged by CHOICES. In any case, IAM RoadSmart says they can help. 

For more information, visit www.iamcommercial.co.uk