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New highway code now available in print

30 May 2022

AT THE beginning of 2022 we saw the most significant changes to the Highway Code that have been seen for many years.

It’s essential for drivers to learn these changes in order to understand how their driving habits will need to be adapted to fit the new Code. Having good understanding of the Code will also enable drivers to anticipate behaviour that may have been unexpected in previous years, as other road users change their own habits in light of the changes.

While each individual driver is ultimately responsible for their own knowledge of the Code, employers are in an excellent position to help groups of drivers understand the Code, and can give their drivers an effective boost in road safety by ensuring these drivers are given the resources and opportunity to learn the changes.

Now that the printed version of the Code is now available for purchase, drivers and employers alike have access to a fantastic resource to help facilitate learning the new changes to the Code.

By providing their drivers with their own printed copies of the Highway Code, and setting aside time for their drivers to get to grips with the new laws and guidance, employers and fleet managers can boost their drivers’ knowledge of the Code, and their general road safety as a result.

Availability of the printed version is great news for the many drivers who prefer to have the Code within arm’s reach. The printed version of the Code includes helpful visual examples of various on-road scenarios, and gives drivers the ability to browse at leisure for general information gathering, or check specific details whenever required.

You can also access the Highway Code on gov.uk.

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