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Dust detective enclosure

10 December 2018

Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring specialist, has launched an improved version of its Dust Detective Enclosure.

Casella’s Dust Detective provides short-term boundary and environmental monitoring in both indoor and outdoor environments, being able to monitor over 12 hours on its internal batteries. The lightweight, portable equipment is described as the ideal solution for site operators and managers who need to monitor the levels of harmful dust on site.

The Casella Dust Detective encompasses the Microdust Pro real time dust monitor, and the Apex2 air-sampling pump. The Detective unit is easy to assemble, provides incredibly fast real time data that is easily downloadable for analysis and reporting, and allows the user to identify the trends in dust levels, areas of concern and hot spots that require action. Improvements have been made to the enclosure by using quick release clips around the measurement probe, allowing fast setup times. The portable enclosure will also save effort as the internal layout has been improved to allow everything to be contained neatly inside, including calibration devices.